Disco Elysium developers were cooking up ‘the strongest Disco since Disco’ before management fired most of them: ‘Everyone was waiting for its development’

New details are emerging about the slow and painful death of the successors to RPG masterpiece Disco Elysium, one of which we’re now learning will be the “Hardest Disco Since Disco.”

In a wide-ranging and often poignant interview with PC Gamer, current and former ZA/UM Studio employees describe the creative vision and well-received internal demo for the now-cancelled standalone expansion to Disco Elysium codenamed X7, executive decision-making. that supposedly led to his death, the layoffs that affected most of his development team, and the aftermath of it all. The whole write-up is worth your time, but what struck me the most is how former X7 head Dora Klindžić described the canceled project, which was to be helmed by Disco Elysium writer Argo Tuulik.

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